The vision and mission of His Excellency Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia is to reposition Benue for greatness

It is now time to move away from failure and embrace development. We cannot continue to vote or support candidates based on emotions. It is critical to support and vote for someone who has a proven track record of accomplishments over the years. I present myself, not because I am a priest, but because my vast knowledge and experience in the private and public sectors have provided me with deep understanding and the capacity to understand our people’s numerous challenges and provide sustainable solutions.

Alia is coming

We pledge to lead by example in transparency and accountability and to embrace the concept of government as a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. We shall ensure that public funds meant for our state are expended for the benefit of our people.

creative Economy Fr. Alia

Our government will collaborate with the private sector and development partners to invest predominantly in digital, entrepreneurship, vocational, and management training programs, as well as innovative tech-enabled ideas in the “new economy,” with the goal of creating wealth for youths and increasing economic activity in the state.

Infrastructure and Environment for a greater Benue State

Our primary goal is to improve the quality of life and economic growth in key areas of our state by modernizing, expanding, and investing heavily in infrastructural development through direct funding and other meaningful partnership arrangements.
Infrastructure is important because it lays the foundation for a thriving economy—it is an investment that creates long-term jobs, increases economic opportunity, improves quality of life and helps our people compete in the global economy.
Infrastructure supports our daily lives by providing clean water to drink, safe roads to drive on, electricity to power homes and businesses, reliable communication systems, and much more.

A Strategic Development Plan for a Greater Benue - Alia-Ode 2023

In addition to other critical interventions, our administration will promote an educational approach that focuses more on wealth creation. This includes providing free and compulsory basic education, building cutting-edge educational institutions, and improving educational quality at all levels, with a stronger emphasis on vocational skill development to prepare our youth for global jobs.

Commerce and industry - A Strategic Development Plan for a Greater Benue - Alia-Ode 2023

Economic growth is driven by the production and exchange of goods and services, and a strong and vibrant economy is often characterized by a diverse range of businesses and industries. By promoting the growth and development of industries and local businesses and attracting investment from outside the state, we can help create new job opportunities and stimulate economic activities in Benue State. 


Agriculture is the economic backbone of our state and the nation at large. It remains a reliable and consistent sustainer of the people, having the capacity to drastically alleviate the high unemployment problem in Benue State, more than any other sector. The sustainability of our economy with inclusive growth can be achieved through the aggressive development of the agricultural sector.

Internal Security

Our top priority will always be the protection of life and property in order to achieve economic and social progress. Our mission is to make Benue State the safest and most protected place to live, work, and do business without fear. We will give our citizens a safe and secure place to live by setting up an effective crime prevention system that can deal with all kinds of crime in our communities.

Alia is coming

The countdown has begun. After several years of failed promises, stunted growth and stranded development, Benue State is about to restart its long walk to greatness. With your support, we are confident that Benue State will be able to regain its lost glory in the next four years.