A Brief Profile

Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, The Executive Governor of Benue State


Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia is a renowned Catholic priest, humanitarian, innovator, seasoned administrator, and social crusader who believes in the equality of all before God. Father is passionate about working for humanity, supporting others and providing them with opportunities to succeed.

There is an old-age adage which says “a gold fish has no hidden place”. This adage has a very simple interpretation which is to the effect that an individual becomes recognized and patronized by society based on what one is. In this circumstance, what is paramount is how well an individual has lived and impacted on the society, but not how long one has lived. The abridged profile below is a confirmation that in all fields of human endeavour, there are people who stand out clearly among their contemporaries based on unique endowments from God and how they have utilized their natural endowments to benefit the society.

Biography of Fr. Hyacinth Alia

Our Vision & Mission

We are committed to restoring character, integrity, transparency and accountability in governance.

Fr. Alia, Fit for the Job

He values freedom of expression, respect for human rights, and progressive governance.

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Fr. Alia, Fit for the Job

Fr. Alia, Fit for the Job!

  • Born on 15th May, 1966 in Mbangur, Mbadede, Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State, Middle Belt region, Nigeria
  • Has attained the highest intellectual and academic qualifications, with a focus on Biomedical Ethics
  • Has international professional experience in educational management and health care administration
  • An expert in developmental goals and budget coordination, assessment, and planning of health care services and programmes for the short and long term
  • An expert in community development and  cultural diversity and sensitivity
  • A strict disciplinarian, a detribalized priest    with huge spirituality and a high moral standard
  • Has pastoral experience that traverses many local communities in Benue State
  • An associate of the downtrodden, the sick, the weary, and the rejected or abandoned in society
  • An exorcist priest of national and international repute
  • A unifying factor among tribal political agitators in Benue State
Benue Governorship - Fr. Alia, Fit for the Job

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Fr. Alia's Exceptional Skills

    • Aggressive Mobilization and Prudential     Management of Funds

    By all standards, Fr Alia remains the only candidate with very pragmatic and sincere skills in mobilization of scare funds needed for the state. He has no single business entity of his own, no in-laws   and biological children except the welfare of Benue state to tackle. He is simply people-oriented in the management of scare resources as demonstrated at the church project at St Thomas Mission Anum, Makurdi. He recently applied same limited resources in executing quality infrastructure at the proposed Catholic University, Vandeikya, by the Catholic Diocese of Gboko


    • Popularity and Uniformity

    Fr Alia is the most    popular gubernatorial candidate in Benue State and Nigeria at large for the 2023 elections. Even without holding any political    office before in the state, his support base and acceptability is seen as a strong hope for effective political leadership in Benue State


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