Security of Lives and Property

It is the primary responsibility of any responsible government to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens. Often, it is said that without the safety and security of lives, property, and investments, no development can take place. However, the lack of development, widespread unemployment, and poverty also contribute to societal insecurity. As the economy continues to deteriorate, there is a possibility that pockets of insecurity will persist and spread throughout our state.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for crime detection and prevention mechanisms to be implemented in both government and private sectors, as well as towns and villages.

In our approach to crime intervention, we’ll look at strategic issues like policing and public disorder. We’ll also look at kidnapping, cultism, theft, drug and substance abuse, gender-based violence, advance fee fraud, and anti-social conduct.

Our plan is to invest heavily in community-oriented policing, which is the cornerstone of any responsible government. The policy requires the police and other law enforcement agencies to adopt a proactive approach in addressing public safety concerns in Benue State.

Our community policing approach will involve developing community partnerships, engaging in problem-solving initiatives, and implementing community policing organizational architecture.

Fr. Hyacinth Alia has a strategic development plan for security.

Our strategy of community policing will create partnerships between law enforcement agencies and the government, community leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), nonprofit organizations (NPOs), the private sector, businesses, and the media.

The media represents a very powerful tool through which it can communicate with the community effectively. Our Community policing initiative recognizes that security agencies can’t solve every public safety problem alone, so interactive partnerships will be created to tackle our security concerns.

The community policing initiative will engage the public in developing creative problem-solving solutions, both at the state and local government levels. We will work collaboratively with the identified key stakeholders to establish highly innovative and sustainable solutions that will guarantee the security and safety of our people.

Mission Statement

Our top priority will always be the protection of life and property in order to achieve economic and social progress. Our mission is to make Benue State the safest and most protected place to live, work, and do business without fear. We will give our citizens a safe and secure place to live by setting up an effective crime prevention system that can deal with all kinds of crime in our communities.
Father Alia

Key Issues

Below are some of the identified challenges in preventing crime and insecurity in the state:

  • Lack of technology adoption in combating crime
  • Poor intelligence gathering
  • Lack of operational synergy between security agencies
  • Lack of central security coordination
  • Insufficient manpower for the security agencies
  • Poor welfare and morale boosting initiatives
  • Inadequate training for security operatives
Action Plan
    • To establish Permanent Integrated Forward Operation Bases for secuity men at all the flash points where there have been cases of armed attacks and displacement of people
    • Evolve a policy for the rehabilitation and resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs)
    • To establish emergency toll-free call centers and short codes
    • To strengthen the implementation of the Anti-Open Grazing Law for enhanced security, economic growth, and the development of Benue State
    • To strengthen the operational capacity of existing security organizations in the state
    • To reconcile all lingering land crises between communities and individuals to pave the way for peaceful coexistence and development in the state
    • Ensure effective security cooperation and partnership between the traditional institutions and security agencies on the one hand, and between the traditional institutions and the political leadership on the other
    • Collaborate with the National Boundary Commission (NBC) to demarcate the actual boundaries between

      Benue and her neighboring states of Taraba, Nasarawa, Cross River, Ebonyi, and Enugu

    • To construct roads at boundary points that pose security threats to Benue State and also enhance proper monitoring by security operatives
    • To discourage political thuggery and militia gangsterism
    • To offer the most comprehensive and reliable amnesty programs across Benue State by facilitating employment, training, grant of scholarships, and entrepreneurship among militia converts in the state
    • Introduce the use of automated systems such as surveillance cameras, GPS, and military drones to detect and clear all criminal hideouts in the state

In our approach to crime intervention, we’ll look at strategic issues like policing and public disorder. We’ll also look at kidnapping, cultism, theft, drug and substance abuse, gender-based violence, advance fee fraud, and anti-social conduct.
Father Alia

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