It’s so sad that our youth have been forgotten completely. Once insecurity infests the land, a number of things happen. Our career politicians have devised a means to mislead the youths, and they take them to do their misdeeds for them during electioneering, which is the only time the politicians remember the youths exist. Through orientation, we have to put a stop to that madness. Our youth are better than mere political thugs.

If a politician wants you to go and fight and shed blood, let the politician send his or her own son or daughter to be on the frontline. Enough is enough. We need to redirect our youth. There are so many things they can do for you, the youth.

Why are the politicians not exploring ICT?

Our people need to know what ICT is. If you are not familiar with ICT, let me tell you that it is a combination of information and communication technology. This means that the technology can be used to store, process, and transfer data. It also includes software, applications, networks, and other devices that allow users to access information from anywhere in the world at any time.

I have been involved in many projects where ICT has helped people solve problems they were facing before its introduction into their lives. For example, an old man who couldn’t read or write his own name before he started using computers now runs his own business; another one got promoted because he could use computers better than other people working there; another person who was unable to communicate his message very well before has become rich because he mastered speaking English through the help of online courses offered online by different institutions (websites).

Benue State’s economy needs a new direction. Our yearly budget is in disarray, with estimates showing that less than 5% of the budgeted amount for capital projects is actually spent. This is largely due to poor planning and execution by government agencies, as well as corruption within the administration.

Without a significant change in how Benue does business, it will continue to fall further behind other states in Nigeria, Africa, and globally. Benue State has not kept pace with other states in the country when it comes to technology adoption or access to quality education; this means we’re losing out on opportunities to create jobs and improve lives—and we’re jeopardizing our future as part of the global economy.

New technologies in the ICT sector are driving innovation, creating jobs and improving productivity. They are also leading to new opportunities in other sectors, such as health, security, and education.

Benue State will embrace digital technology under my watch to create jobs and a conducive environment for SMEs to create wealth and employ more people, Fr. Alia said yesterday.

He said that if he is elected, his government will make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to make money and hire more people.

Fr. Alia said this would be done by embracing digital technology, which he said had become an important tool for development in all sectors of society.

“We will embrace the digital economy to create wealth and jobs,” Fr. Alia said. “We will implement policies that promote both domestic and international direct investment.”

Fr. Alia told thousands of supporters in Lagos and Abuja that his government will look at the laws governing the ICT sector in order to promote e-learning and e-commerce.

We are looking at how we can transform our economy so that it is driven by technology, which will create jobs, opportunities, and wealth, empowering us to become self-sufficient.

Speaking further on his vision to create millions of jobs through information and communication technology (ICT) applications, Fr. Alia said the government would launch initiatives aimed at making Benue State a leader in the ICT sector in Nigeria and Africa at large 

“The rise of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and others gives us a chance to change our economy and increase productivity.

We now live in a connected society where people can use their mobile phones to get information from all over the world.

As information and communication technologies (ICT) become more advanced, it has become possible for individuals to connect with each other online. With their mobile phones, people can access the world’s knowledge through the internet and share ideas with one another. This has made the world a more connected place where people can get information from all over the world on their cell phones.

“It is important that we embrace digital technology to create jobs and a conducive environment for SMEs to create wealth and employ more people,” said Fr. Alia.

“It is also very important that we invest in the digital economy and teach our people the skills they need to use these technologies,” He said Benue State would make progress in this regard by improving its IT infrastructure across the state.

He also said that our government will work to close the digital divide by, among other things, helping rural areas get better infrastructure.

We will also make sure that more people, especially in rural areas, can connect to the internet.

To solve this problem, we have to make certain that there is a significant amount of investment in the rollout of information technology infrastructure. This will help reduce the digital gap that exists between rural and urban regions.

He said internet access was becoming more important as it facilitated education and health services, combated insecurity, fought corruption, increased e-commerce and e-learning, allowed people to do business online, created jobs and allowed people to learn online.

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