Makurdi, Benue State – In a resolute bid to transform the infrastructural landscape of Benue State, the Executive Governor, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, has ceremoniously commenced the construction of 16 strategically vital roads within the heart of the state’s capital, Makurdi. With a promise to extend same to other Local Government Areas of the state soon.

The grand inauguration of this massive road development initiative took place on Monday morning, August 7, 2023, at Wurukum Market, Makurdi. 

Speaking passionately at the event, Governor Alia emphasized the pivotal role that these newly proposed roadways, spanning a total of 15.39 kilometers, would play in revolutionizing the state’s urban connectivity and enhancing the lives of Benue people.

Governor Alia, a visionary leader renowned for his unwavering commitment to propelling Benue State to new heights, affirmed that this comprehensive road construction venture epitomizes a significant milestone in his administration’s larger agenda to uplift the socio-economic fabric of the region. 

“The selected roads are carefully chosen to strategically link key areas within Makurdi, opening up avenues for smooth transportation, increased economic activities, and improved overall quality of life.”

He outlined the specific roads earmarked for construction, grouped under various regions of the city:


  • Odeh-Ageh – John Feese Street, including a spur to Kuma Abanyam and Othaniel Taangahar Street
  • Orkuma Akunda Street
  • Lush Street
  • Augustinian Community Road


  • Nigerian Navy Barracks road
  • Keghem Malu Street


  • David Jebe Street
  • Kornya City Guest House – Akpeme Road
  • Tyagher Gbaa Street
  • Victoria Aende Street
  • Keke Napep Street


  • Gandhi Street
  • Federal Low-Cost Housing Road


  • Eight Avenue
  • Iorkyaa Ako Street (Extension)


  • Ikeja – Sokoto Street

This momentous infrastructure drive, poised to transform the cityscape, is slated for completion within a commendable timeline of 11 months, with a promise to alleviate the long-standing connectivity challenges faced by residents.

The monumental endeavor has sparked a wave of optimism among the residents of Benue State. Local communities are abuzz with anticipation as they eagerly await the benefits that these roads will bring, fostering easier access to essential services, improved transportation, and heightened economic opportunities.

The “Help” that Governor Alia promised during the campaigns has undeniably arrived, and the people of Benue can look forward to a future marked by enhanced connectivity and prosperity. As the wheels of construction begin to turn, the state is poised for a remarkable transformation under the visionary leadership of Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia.

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  • Posted August 29, 2023 6:23 am
    by Too Tersoo Felix

    Too Tersoo Felix chairman Benue youths movement Gboko North congratulate governor Alia over his unwaivering support to poise speedy infrastructure development in the state in a bid to fulfill his manifestos

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