Benue APC and the Alialization-Alia/Ode Campaign Organization 2023 has released itinerary for mega gubernatorial Campaign rallies and political engagement, in the 3 senatorial districts of the state.

The rallies will be held in Otukpo on Monday, 6th March 2023.

On Tuesday, 7th March 2023, the rally for zone B will be held in Gboko, while zone A will take their turn on Wednesday, 8th March 2023 at Katsina-Ala.

The following are selected as the planning committee for the rallies.

Zone A

1. Chief Abraham Atotse – Chairman

2. Dorothy Mato

3. Vincent Uji

4. Solomon Wombo

5. Terseer Ugbor

6. Sesoo Ikpagher Gboko

7. Amokaha Gboughul – Secretary

8. Paul Biam

9. Kenita Ikyegh

Zone B

1. Engr. Beagh Nyamkume – Chairman

2. Christie Alaaga

3. Ade Ishoribo

4. Hyacinth Apegba

5. Regina Akume

6. Asema Achado

7. Sekav Iortyom

8. Dickson Tarkighir

9. Rev. Philip Tachin – Secretary

Zone C

1. Chief Nelson Alapa – Chairman

2. Hon. Theresa Odachi ikwe

3. Bishop Pinot Ogbaji

4. Hon. Lady Blessing Onuh

5. David Ogewu

6. Philip Agbese

7. Amb. Mohammed Mabdul

8. Odoh Ugwu – Secretary

9. Muhammed Mutala

Contact persons for Defectors

1. Hon. Joseph Ojobo – Senatorial candidate (LP)

2. Hon. Peter Hwembe- Fmr. Sole Administrator

3. Hon. Shieakuma Shawon- Assembly Candidate Nnpp

4. Hon. Audu Sule – former Deputy Speaker (PDP)

5. Hon. Peter Ochijele – former Commissioner (PDP)

6. Hon. Mavis Eje – HoR candidate, Apa/Agatu (LP)

7. Hon. Martin’s Iorsamber, Senatorial candidate for Zone A (SDP)

8. Damian Akpen, )former VC, Kwande LGC

9. Obadiah Time (chairman of porters/ former legislative leader)

10. ACP John Atsu (rtd)

11. Denen Wanhwuan (Labour party)

H.E, Chief Moses Ayom is Chairman of the occasion for the Zone A rally, H.E Chief Steven Lawani is chairman of the occasion for zone c while Hon. Joseph Terfa Ityav is chairman of the occasion for zone B rally.

The rallies will feature captivating activities including road shows and defection ceremonies in the zones with major political players mostly from Labour Party LP, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), SDP, NNPP and others dumping.

Kula Tersoo

Director of Communications

Alialization-Alia/Ode Campaign Organization 2023,

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