Benue’s APC gubernatorial candidate in 2023, Revd. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, Ph.D., held a thank-you gathering for the Benue people on May 30, 2022. Makurdi’s City Bay Park hosted the event.

He thanked the people of Benue for voting for him in the recent gubernatorial primary.

Fr. Alia said the mission granted to him by God’s people in Benue will bear fruit in 2023.

The reverend portrayed his primary triumph as a victory for humanity and said, “No victor, no vanquish.” He urged his rivals to work together to improve Benue. Fr. Dr. Iormem told the Benue people that he would overhaul the state, heal the soil, and restore peace in 2023. (ior a mem).

Dr. Alia claims his rule would increase security, industrialization, education, youth employment, structural and human development, and would be corrupt-free.

He warned his fans against a campaign of hate and calumny, but told them to keep their eyes on the ball (Alia) to avoid being distracted by the opponent.

Comrade Austin Agada, State APC Chairman, praised support groups for their love of APC and Alia and for supporting their candidate in the primary elections. He promised to always respect the people’s desires. The Very Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, Ph.D., was presented to the Benue people as the APC’s governorship candidate. Mr. Agada urged everyone to get a voter’s card to vote for Fr. Alia and other APC candidates in 2023. Hon. Titus Tartenger Zam, the Benue North West Senatorial District Flag Bearer, commended God and the APC for making the right decision. He asked voters to support Fr. Alia for governor and him as a senator for Zone B.

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