We are aware that some bad losers in the last Presidential and National Assembly elections have allied and are beating drums of war, holding series of nocturnal and clandestine meetings.

Furthermore, we have gathered how they have been holding meetings and addressing cult groups and other gang leaders, instructing and inducing them with monies to go out on Saturday 11th March 2023, the day of the Governorship & House of Assemblies elections and ferment trouble.

Some evidence of the mischief and “do or die” strategies they are hatching are in our hands. While we are not afraid of any foes and their ungodly plans, as law-abiding organization, we shall accordingly forward the evidence to security operatives for necessary action.

But, come to think of it. What is Alia’s offence to warrant such team up against him?

We sympathise with those who are playing God. They should know that the last elections is only a pointer to the fact that they were punished by the electorate for their haste which they dismissed Alia as an upstart who, according to them, is yet to grow political teeth but wants to eat meat.

The self-exclaimed political warlords of Benue State have been blindfolded by their bloated ego which is the driving force of their calculated mischief against the state and its institutions of governance. The misgivings that constantly arise from this unwarranted conspiracy against the collective good of the state is what has awakened the consciousness of the Benue masses to search for a political redemption through the ballot revolution. This is what the self-exclaimed political warlords are grudgingly pushing down their throats like bitter pills.

Now, they are behaving like wounded lions.

It is quite sad that these people, whose desperate machinations are akin to the miscalculated reactions of wounded lions, still think that they own Benue, and the people must always bow to their whims and caprices.

It is an undeniable fact that since declaring for the number one seat in the state, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia has conducted himself responsibly and maturely, going about his politicking with utmost decorum, even in the face of countless unprovoked badmouthing and invectives consistently thrown up from crude concoctions.

He has consistently maintained that all candidates should come out just like he has been doing, sell their manifesto to the Benue electorate and wait for the people’s appraisal and decision at the polls.

For the youth, these desperate politicians are recruiting to achieve their devilish aim, we are calling on those who believe they have a future to resist being used. Alia has a wonderful plan for the youth.

But for those who may wish to insist and attempt to execute the plan of their sponsors, we can assure them that they will not be able to destroy anything, but destruction will surely visit them. Alialization Mandate is Divine. The living God is involved.

Kula Tersoo

Director Communications –

Alialization -Alia/Ode

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