A few days ago, Sen. Barnabas Gemade, visited the Governor of Benue State, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia at the Government House, Makurdi. Gemade was accompanied by representatives of his political structures across the state. During the meeting, the elder statesman assured the Governor of his total support for the current administration in the state. He praised the Governor for starting on a very sound footing, especially as reflected in the appointments made so far.

This is a welcome development, not just for the administration, but for the entire state and its people.

Everyone in the state knows the sharp divisions and hatred that had existed amongst various interest groups, including supporters of the duo, during the period leading to the elections.

Just like the eventual winner and now governor of the State, His Excellency, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, Gemade, who also contested for the same ticket, had his plans for the state. His mantra was “The Big Project”.

Even though he had to fight for the ticket up to the Supreme Court when he was not selected by the party as its candidate; that is by the way now.

Elections have come and gone. The most important thing now is that he has offered to support the government to move forward, which, we believe, is a welcome development and should be hailed by all patriotic and well-meaning Benue indigents.

Truly, Benue needs all hands on deck at this point to achieve more progress, and it would have been a great disservice to the state, if a father like Barnabas Gemade, had decided to stay away, leaving the burden of governance to Rev Fr. Hyacinth, Alia and others.

But because he has come back to offer his support, his developmental plans as encapsulated in his manifesto, which he is now going to share with the governor, will end up being more beneficial to the state and the citizens, than to the duo themselves.

The governor must also be commended for having a large and accommodating heart. By accepting the handshake, it depicts clearly that he is not a bitter politician, but one who is interested in building a new Benue with collaborative efforts from all stakeholders.

Furthermore, as Governor Alia explained during the visit, Benue stands to gain more if all the stakeholders come to work together in unity. The benefits will be more for the people of the state than when there are divisions and bad blood.

And to our party supporters who may still be nursing old wounds as a result of heated exchanges during the electioneering period, it is time to let go of any grudge in the interest of the state. Benue is bigger than our individual aspirations. What we need more at this time is peace and unity. The party is big enough to accommodate all, and we must be ready to work together for the interest of the state.

Besides, the Tinubu administration looks promising for us as a state. We have a Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), in the person of Distinguished Sen. George Akume, the first that has ever happened to Benue since its creation.

This is no small office. But we need to be united to be able to benefit more.

Divisions and careless statements won’t take the state anywhere. If we are strategic and supportive, many more good things will come our way.

Finally, Benue state requires more of these alliances and reconciliatory moves as demonstrated by Gemade, including from the opposition.

Elections are over, and such genuine support will serve, primarily, for the good of the state.

What Gemade has done is commendable, and the time for others to follow suit is now. We can only build a state of our dreams if we have a united front.

Sir Tersoo Kula

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State.

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