In a groundbreaking revelation, Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia of Benue State revealed that the state has successfully identified 2,500 ghost workers following the conclusion of the first phase of the civil servants’ verification process.

In a statement signed and shared widely on social media by the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State, Sir Tersoo Kula, he emphasized the significance of the verification process by the state government and payroll audit in streamlining the payroll system.

Regrettably, the scrutiny of the payroll has resulted in a temporary delay in the disbursement of salaries for teachers and LGA staff.

However, reassurance was given that duly screened personnel would receive their rightful wages any moment from now.

Explaining the necessity of the delay, Governor Alia stated that the decision to withhold salary payments was made upon the shocking discovery of reckless padding of the wage bill and other fraudulent manipulations within the payroll system to benefit a selected few.

“The decision for the delay in the payment of salaries of the above mentioned workers was taken after the government discovered mindless padding of the wage bill, and other fraudulent manipulations on their payroll.” he added.

The comprehensive staff verification and payroll audit for all teachers and local government staff has recently concluded its first phase, yielding remarkable results with the identification and removal of over 2,500 ghost workers from the payroll of Benue State Government.

Notably, the audit exposed various payroll infractions, including ghost workers, ghost schools, double-dipping, illegal employment, salary padding, payments to deceased or retired individuals, unauthorized replacements, and wage bill inflation.

This critical undertaking by the government showcases its dedication to ensuring transparency, accountability, and the efficient allocation of resources.

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