In a recent address during a Thanksgiving Mass at St. Francis Catholic Church, Daudu, the Executive Governor of Benue State, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, urged the people of Benue to promptly report any suspicious criminal activities to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

The governor emphasized the responsibility of citizens to collaborate with security forces and civil authorities in safeguarding lives and property.

Governor Alia stressed the need for active participation and support from the community to ensure the safety and security of everyone in Benue State. By reporting suspected criminal activities, citizens can play a crucial role in curbing crime and maintaining law and order within their communities. It is the collective responsibility of each individual to contribute to a peaceful and secure environment.

Recognizing the impact of illegal activities on commercial operations, Governor Alia reiterated his earlier directive to dismantle all unauthorized checkpoints along highways in Benue State. These illegal roadblocks, established by unknown individuals, have hindered the smooth flow of commercial activities and subjected transporters to unlawful fees and harassment.

Governor Alia reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to eliminating the activities of those responsible for setting up unauthorized revenue collection points on highways. These actions, aimed at extorting, intimidating, and harassing transporters, will not be tolerated. By taking decisive action against such individuals, the government aims to restore order and promote a conducive environment for commerce and transportation in the state.

Governor Alia cautioned against the indiscriminate felling of trees and encouraged individuals to exercise restraint. The government plans to leverage the potential of trees as a valuable source of income for the people of Benue. By implementing sustainable practices, such as reforestation and responsible tree management, the government aims to create economic opportunities while preserving the environment.

Governor Alia expressed his confidence in the restoration of peace in Benue State and reassured those who have been displaced that they will soon be reunited with their ancestral homes. The government remains committed to addressing the challenges faced by displaced individuals and facilitating their return to a secure and stable environment.

During the Thanksgiving Mass, Rev. Fr. James Bature delivered a sermon highlighting the importance of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. He called upon Christians to prepare themselves to partake regularly in this sacrament of salvation. By deepening their spiritual connection, believers can draw strength and inspiration to lead lives rooted in faith and righteousness.

Hon. Dr. Yanmar Ortese, the organizer of the Thanksgiving Mass and Member representing Guma at the Benue State House of Assembly, expressed gratitude to Governor Hyacinth Alia for his support to the Ortese family and his exceptional care for the Hyarev people. The presence of other esteemed members, including the Speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Hyacinth Aondona Dajoh, and the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Rt. Hon. Paul Biam, underscored the significance of this event.

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