The Governorship Candidate of the APC in Benue State, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia said that his administration would create millions of jobs for the youths in Benue State through agriculture.

He made this statement in Makurdi, the State Capital, while speaking with newsmen after a thanksgiving mass. The priest, who was flanked by thousands of his supporters, said that he would create millions of jobs in agriculture if elected governor in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

The incoming governor said that agriculture is one of the primary sources of livelihood in Benue State, especially with its vast arable land mass, climate and water resources, which give it an advantage over other states where agricultural activities are mostly carried out as subsistence farming by small-scale farmers without any access to modern agricultural tools or inputs like fertilizers, among others, which has made it difficult for these farmers to increase their production levels significantly enough to meet local demand let alone export surplus products across borders, as was being done many years back when Benue State was feeding the entire nation.


The priest thanked the youths for their overwhelming support so far and urged them to campaign responsibly. He promised to make it “easy” for people to get jobs through agriculture and to make Benue and its surroundings a peaceful place for all citizens, no matter their political affiliation or religion, so that everyone could live in peace with each other.

He added that he would also ensure that farmers were paid for their produce at fair prices by creating farm settlements, rural market hubs, and economic cluster points so as to boost agriculture production and revenue generation in the state. “I am here to tell you today that when I become governor of Benue State, I will take your lands back from where they were taken away from you, invest heavily in modern farming techniques, irrigation systems, improve seed varieties and also provide extension services,” he said.

He also promised to provide adequate fertilizer and also give out agricultural loans to farmers at a 5% annual interest rate, which is less than what commercial banks charge at between 10% and 15% annually. The reason why we are saying a five percent interest rate is that our people are already indebted through commercial banks due to the harsh economic conditions created by the current administration, Father Alia explained.

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