Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia has inaugurated the 10th Benue State Assembly, emphasizing the importance of collaborative efforts and support from the legislature and judiciary to accomplish the set objectives.

In his address to the lawmakers, Governor Alia urged them to work hand in hand with the Executive arm of government to ensure the delivery of the anticipated dividends of democracy to the people of Benue. The Governor expressed his assurance of continuous support from his administration while also stressing the significance of the legislators’ conduct as role models.

Governor Alia acknowledged the high expectations of the Benue society from its lawmakers, underscoring the need for each legislator to fulfill their responsibilities. It is crucial for them to effectively execute their mandates and meet the demands placed upon them.

Governor Alia emphasized that the legislature not only grants a voice to the people in governmental affairs but also forms the foundation for upholding the rule of law, equity, and justice in the polity. Under a democratic system, the legislature, alongside the judiciary and the executive arm of government, plays a significant role in maintaining the separation of powers.

The Governor pledged not to interfere with the internal affairs of the legislature, particularly concerning the election of its leadership. He expressed his readiness to cooperate effectively with the individuals chosen to lead the House, emphasizing the importance of their autonomy and decision-making power.

Governor Alia assured the House of the Executive arm’s support by providing training and retraining opportunities for its members and staff. This commitment aims to enhance their knowledge and skills, contributing to their effectiveness as lawmakers.

The Executive arm of government, in harmony with the legislature and judiciary, aims to ensure efficient service delivery to the people. Governor Alia emphasized the necessity of a unified approach among these arms of government to fulfill their responsibilities and address the needs of the people.

Addressing the lawmakers, Governor Alia called upon them to lead by example. As elected representatives, they are agents of hope and change, and he encouraged them to let these principles guide their legislative business, oversight functions, and all other actions.

Bernard Nule, the Clark of the House, took the opportunity to extend his congratulations to both the returning and new members of the Assembly for their victories in the just concluded elections. Their successful campaigns warrant acknowledgment as they prepare to serve the people of Benue.

Inaugurating the 10th Benue Assembly marks the beginning of a new era in governance. With the Governor’s call for constructive engagements, collaborative efforts, and exemplary conduct, the Benue State government aims to work cohesively towards the betterment of its people. Through effective service delivery and the fulfillment of their mandates, the legislature, executive arm, and judiciary can collectively contribute to the progress and development of the state.

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