His Excellency, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, the party’s Governorship Candidate in Benue State, has congratulated the party’s National Leader, former Governor of Lagos State Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on his emergence as the party’s presidential standard bearer.

According to the Governorship Candidate, Sen. Tinubu’s emergence was followed through democratic global best practice just as he expressed confidence that Nigerians would vote massively for him in the forthcoming general elections.

Fr. Alia says the delegates across the country voted for the National Leader as the best bet for the nation, giving his stride records and the obvious desires of Nigerians in dire need of a leader with the highest “Modern Leadership Acumen” to provide the required “Development” for the nation, with reputable international connections.

He further stated that while Sen. Tinubu was the former Governor of Lagos State, his monumental achievements, which sprung up to establish Lagos State as what it is now, as a hub of the economic strength of the nation, and the positive political structures that he set across the country, resulting from his administration’s successes such as reforming the civil service, reducing corruption, and improving the state’s infrastructure, gave him the clear edge over his fellow Presidential Contenders to emerge as the party’s standard flag bearer.

According to the Catholic Priest, the free and fair Presidential Primaries, which were broadcast LIVE on all of the country’s standard national and international broadcast stations, show that the APC is ready to compete with candidates from other political parties in the general election.

He described the reign of government by Tinubu, where he outlined the process he went through to reform the state, from the waste management system to financial mismanagement within the public sector, and expressed optimism that the former Senator would surpass the expectations of the generality of the populace.

“Tinubu lays out the steps he took to improve incentives for civil servants, including salary increases; improving quality and hygiene of working environments; and teaching investment principles and how to work toward home ownership. His payroll-system reforms removed thousands of ghost workers from the system. He applied principles he learned in the corporate world to the public sector reform effort.

“Sen. Tinubu also details the steps he took in removing endemic corruption in the public sector, which included eliminating cash payments to the government.” He brought back expatriates to improve the hospitals and transportation system in Lagos State. “He also touched on the difficulties of working with a federal government that sometimes undermined reform efforts, just to mention a few,” said Fr. Alia.

He urged the Presidential candidate to keep in mind that there are millions of Nigerians who believe in the new Nigeria, who believe in the possibilities of the people, and who are working hard in their various corners to build the nation through honest and committed efforts.

The APC Governorship Candidate assured Sen. Tinubu, the party’s National Working Committee, the All Progressives Congress Benue hierarchy, and the entire people of the State of his unwavering support in ensuring that the interests of electorates both in the State and at the national level, in terms of priotizing the core principles of democracy, would not be compromised with self-aggrandizement but through the provision of good governance and pro-people policies.

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