It is still fresh in our minds how the Benue State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party, had during the 2023 general elections, gone into public romance that later metamorphosed into an alliance with the Labour Party (LP).

The alliance was not with our party, the APC. Of course, we needed none of such unproductive show.

So, we are still wondering the kind of love the PDP is suddenly professing for our dear party, the APC, at the moment.

Well, opposition politics is a daunting task, especially if the government in power chooses to focus its energy on fulfilling its promises. It leaves the naysayers frustrated and stranded, resorting to trivialities just to desperately keep afloat.

And this is what is currently playing out in the camp of the opposition party, the PDP, in Benue state.

The party has nothing tangible to hold unto; that would give them room to throw punches at His Excellency, Governor Hyacinth Iormem Alia and his administration.

For instance, the kind of jubilation the state was thrown into as at last Sunday and Monday following salaries and pension alerts received by civil servants and pensioners respectively, made the PDP camp hide their faces in shame. And this is bound to continue as long as the Alia led administration of APC is still in office.

The government is equally happy that smiles have returned on the faces of people who once toiled in vain, as they were deliberately denied their entitlements by the PDP led administration.

The jubilation experienced in the last few days is a signal that Benue under Fr. Alia, has moved on from the locusts’ days of the PDP. It is obvious that this is what the PDP, as a party, dreads to witness.

As a government, we had earlier expected a press release from the PDP or the man who almost got Benue to Golgotha under the platform of the PDP, Samuel Iora”ernyi” Ortom commending the governor for stepping into the gap, where they completely failed.

But No! He and the party preferred mischief, making a molehill where there was none.

Consequently, they must be reminded that, the Benue state House of Assembly is an independent arm of government, separate from the Executive arm headed by Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia.

And it is the constitutional right of the Assembly members to elect the people they want as leaders of the legislature.

Thus, the governor and his party have little or no control over, especially as the process is not a one party affair.

The opposition parties also have a greater part to play here. But mischief has blinded them. They are cunningly professing unsolicited solidarity with our party. Has the Benue PDP now abandoned their Siamese twin, the Labour Party, in preference for the APC?

The governor and his party, the APC, will remain and work together as one indivisible family, leaving meddlesome interlopers the PDP guessing.

Gov. Hyacinth Alia needs to be appreciated and hailed for humbling the PDP with his people oriented policies, thereby making the PDP as a party to focus more on trivial issues.

If PDP must be told, then, they need to know that Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia is busy with the work of implementing policies that will improve the state until we have the Benue of our dreams.

Sir Tersoo Kula

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State.

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