The Director General, Alialization-Alia/Ode Campaign Organization 2023, Rev. Pastor Frederick Ikyaan announces itinerary for the Campaign tour of the 23 LGAs of the state.

According to the programme which is approved by the State Working Committee of the party led by the Chairman, Comrade Austin Agada, the state campaign Council headed by the leader of the party in the state, Sen. George Akume and the Gubernatorial candidate, Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Iormem Alia, the campaign team shall commence movement in the Benue South Senatorial District with a visit to Obi and Oju on Monday 13th February 2023. On Tuesday 14th February 2023, the campaign train will be at Ado, Okpokwu and Ogbadibo and move to Agatu and Apa on Wednesday 15th February 2023. Tour of the zone will be rounded up at Ohimini and Otukpo on the Thursday,16th February 2023.

On Friday, 17th February 2023, the train will commence activities in the Benue North-West at Buruku, Gboko and Tarka. Guma and Makurdi will take their turns on Saturday, 18th February 2023, while Gwer-East and Gwer-West will round it up for the Zone on Sunday, 19th February 2023.

The campaign train will be in Benue North-East with Logo, Ukum and Katsina-Ala as starting points on Monday, 20th February 2023. Tuesday, 21st February 2023, the campaign train plans to be at Konshisha and Vandeikya.

Tuesday, 21st February 2023, the team will round up with rallies at Ushongo and Kwande LGAs.

All stakeholders, coordinators at all levels, candidates of the party for various elections, party officials, members of the campaign Council and Directorates are directed to remain in their various LGAs to receive the team.

The public is invited to come out enmass to welcome the campaign train, which will be led by Rev. Fr. Alia who has the message of hope for the liberation of the people of the state from the shackles of poverty and hunger deliberately, spiked and enforced by the present irresponsible leadership.



i. Washima Zenda – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Matthias Mtserkyaa –Alia/Ode Coordinator

iii. Joseph Agyo – Representing zonal Coordinator

iv. Sunday Shizun – House of Assembly Candidates/member

v. Mrs Victoria Mnyamchie – member

vi. Barr. Vangerbee Uhamber – member

vii. Terlumun Tombowua – member

viii. Prof. Stephen T. Ugba – Elder

2. Ukum

i. Orban Jam – Local Government Chairman

ii. Richard Zungweve – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Donald Gbugho – Zonal Coordinator

iv. Emmanuel Memga Udende – Senatorial candidate/member

v. Ezra nyiyongo – House of Assembly Candidate/member

vi. Mbanan Ahur – member

vii. John Ashe – member

viii. Terwase Agune –member

ix. Edwin Jando – Elder

3. Katsina ala

i. Mfatyoga Aluheen – Local Government Chairman

ii. Jonathan Agbidye – State Assembly/member

iii. Solomon Wombo – House of Representative candidate/member

iv. Peter Ipusu – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Demkwagh Iorver – Alia/Ode coordinator

vi. James Ivever – Representing zonal Coordinator

vii. Nguyan Washima – member

viii. Jonathan Lahave – member

ix. Moses Tsegha – Elder

4. Ushongo

i. Ityavkase Ushahemba – Local Government acting Party Chairman

ii. Mrs Msoo Tar – Representing zonal Coordinator

iii. Alfred Acha – Alia/Ode coordinator

iv. Hon Mrs Hembadoon Agashua – member

v. Simon Gabo – State Assembly candidate/member

vi. Saater Itiseer – State Assembly candidate/member

vii. Jeremiah Uji – member

viii. Blessing Amindi – member

ix. Peter Ashiekaa – Elder

5. Vandeikya

i. Simeon Yongo – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Audu Atsem – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Innoncent Nomshan – Representing zonal Coordinator

iv. Terna Shimawua – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Matthew Damkor – State Assembly candidate/member

vi. Denis Akura – member

vii. Rebecca Gowon – member

viii. Moses Ayom – Elder

ix. Abubakar Ihongo – Elder

6. Konshisha

i. Msughter Matthew – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Jonathan Abawua – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Benjamin Gwebe – Representing zonal Coordinator

iv. Mrs Aseer Shaahu – member

v. Gabriel Uji – Elder

vi. Sesoo Gboko – House of Representative candidate/member

vii. Ephraim Kunde – State Assembly candidate/member

7. Kwande

i. Raymond Terdoo Kenti – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Agber Ada – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Felix Mkeh – Representing zonal Coordinator

iv. Terseer Ugbor – House of Representative candidate/member

v. Thomas Dugeri – State Assembly candidate/member

vi. Samuel Anyor Mato – State Assembly candidate/member

vii. Helen Atom – member

viii. Nick Wende

ix. Terlumun Akputu – Elder

8. Obi

i. Emmanuel Oluwa – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Job Onum – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Francis Ikwe – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Cecilia Anya Odeh – Representing Zonal Coordinator

v. Matthew Adekpe – member

vi. Dennis Ogbu – member

vii. Eddy Omerigbe – Elder

9. Oju

i. Mike Onah – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Egbe Emmanuel – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Stephen Otumala – State Assembly member

iv. David Ogewu – House of representatives candidate

v. Peter Ogbodo – Member

vi. Ikong Cyril Ijebe – State Assembly candidate/member

vii. Jane Otor – representing zonal coordinator

viii. Success Ojoma – member

ix. Bright Ogor – member

x. Monday Ebah – member

xi. Patricia Kupchi – Elder

10. Ado

i. Emmanuel Owobi – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Onazi Isaac – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Philip Agbese – House of representative candidate/member

iv. Lamin Danladi Ogenyi – State Assembly candidate

v. Emmanuel Egurube – representing zonal coordinator

vi. Innocent Agasi – member

vii. John Ochoga – Elder

11. Agatu

i. Habib Sheidu – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Friday Idakowo – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Idris Ojimbili – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Christopher Ochepo – representing zonal coordinator

v. Samuel Godday Adagboyi – house of representatives member

vi. Pencil Ochepo – member

vii. Mabdul Mohammed – Elder

12. Apa

i. Adah Enefu – Local Government acting Party Chairman

ii. James Alu – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Victor Ogwoje – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Adam Tambo Oliver – representing zonal coordinator

v. Danladi Ochekpe – member

vi. Omale Omale – member

vii. Helen Atonko – member

viii. Baba Agida – member

ix. Ameh Udoh – Elder

13. Otukpo

i. Moses Okoh – local Government Party Chairman

ii. Musa Ujo – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Kennedy Angbo – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Alfred Omakwu Oketa – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Isah Abdulahi – representing zonal coordinator

vi. Blessing Onu – house of representatives member

vii. Wilson Eche Ocheji – member

viii. Ralph Igbago – member

ix. Dickson Akoh – Elder

14. Ogbadibo

i. Andrew Edache – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Andrew Ocheme – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Agada Samuel Auchi – State Assembly candidate

iv. Odo Ugwu – zonal coordinator

v. Dan Onje – Senatorial candidate/member

vi. Regina Ochube – member

vii. H.E. Stephen Lawani – Elder

15. Ohimini

i. Inalegwu Enokela – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Austin Amanyi – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Eric Adokwu – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Ene Ibenu – representing zonal coordinator

v. Ene Alogwu – member

vi. Agbo Ogar – member

vii. Lawrence Anebi Onoja – Elder

16. Okpokwu

i. Benedict Ejeh – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Anthony Udah – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Douglas Onyilo – State Assembly candidate

iv. Simon Akpaku – representing zonal coordinator

v. Josephine Akioyamen – member

vi. Theresa Odachi Ikwe – member

vii. Anthony Adah – member

viii. Matthew Adoli – member

ix. Ameh Ebute – Elder

17. Guma

i. Lazarus Iorliam Asema – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Fidelis Adi – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Dickson Tarkighir – house of representatives candidate

iv. Yanmar Ortese – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Dennise Torkar Umbur – State Assembly candidate/member

vi. Philip Tachin – zonal coordinator

vii. Margaret Bija – member

viii. Abraham Akaater – member

ix. Kefas Seshi Bakasi – Elder

18. Makurdi

i. Murtala Ahmed – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Fidelis Audu – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Alfred Emberga – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Douglas Akya – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Philip Ortaver – representing zonal coordinator

vi. Benard Pever Agenga – member

vii. Mrs. Verah Kwaghsende – member

viii. Augustine Aho – Elder

19. Gwer – East

i. John Akange – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Orshi Ayoh – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Elias Audu – State Assembly candidate/member

iv. Asema Achado – House of Representatives candidate

v. Vitalis Hwande – representing coordinator

vi. Austin Anemba – member

vii. Mbasaren Yonov Agah – member

viii. Vitalis Uaah – member

ix. Hingah Biem – Elder

20. Gwer – West

i. Terngu Anagbe – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Simon Aondona – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Titus Tartenger Zam – Senatorial candidate

iv. Philip Ugbegili – State Assembly candidate/member

v. Emmanuel Shima – representing zonal coordinator

vi. Richard Gbakaan – representing Director General

vii. Christiana Iortim – member

viii. Hyacinth Apegba – member

ix. Julius Ukpanya – Elder

21. Tarka

i. Shiaaondo Tarka – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Tyosoo Gandeorun – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Regina Akume – house of representatives candidate

iv. Manger Manger – State Assembly candidate

v. Tony Sende – member – member

vi. John Atsua Aondofa – representing coordinator

vii. Celina Mbakaseve Terngu – Elder

22. Buruku

i. Mkav Pepe – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. A A Iortyom – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Sekav Iortyom – house of representatives candidate

iv. Abraham Zahemen Jabi – State Assembly coordinator

v. Peter Aki – representing zonal coordinator

vi. Major Attah – member

vii. Peter Uddih – member

viii. Terfa Tyav – member

ix. Jonathan Iyoo Gbondo – Elder

23. Gboko

i. Basil Yina – Local Government Party Chairman

ii. Abur Nyikwagh – Alia/Ode coordinator

iii. Becky Orpin – State Assembly candidate(Gboko East)/member

iv. Aondona Dajoh – State Assembly candidate (Gboko West)/member

v. Saater Achagh-Gbor – member

vi. Aondona Usende – member

vii. Abua Yajir – member

viii. Hembadoon Assoh – member

ix. Terhmba Chabo – Elder

Kula Tersoo

Director Communications

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