The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Benue State has decided to use the
process of direct primary voting in order to choose candidates for the next
general elections on behalf of the party.

During an important meeting with stakeholders that took place in Makurdi at
City Bay Park, which was also the venue of the meeting, the party came to this
conclusion and agreed upon it unanimously.

All the stakeholders who spoke on behalf of the different senatorial
districts, including Barr. Vincent Uji, Distinguished Senator Jacob Tilley
Gyado, Barr. Emmanuel Udende (Zone A), Chief Akange Audu, Elder Simon Shango,
and James Tor (Zone B), and Alhaji Usman Abubakar (Young Alahaji), Chief
Vincent Eje Uloko, Nelson Alapa, Ameh Udoh, and Prof. John Enyi (Zone C), all
agreed to  the decision of the party.

Individually, every one of the candidates for governor who were present at
the meeting voiced their support for the decision made by the party to go
through with the direct primary form of voting.

Indeed, candidates running for office on the party’s platform at a variety
of different levels expressed their support for the decision made by the party.

The leader of the APC in Benue State and North Central Nigeria, Senator
George Akume, stated earlier in his remarks that the meeting was called to take
a look at the party’s forthcoming primary elections. He stated that this
activity is very important to the success and sustenance of the party.


He noted that in 2015, the people of the state voted for the APC because
they had an affinity for the party. On the other hand, he voiced his
disappointment that the recipient had absconded with the party’s mandate,
lamenting the fact that the man had failed in every metric and was thus not
honored by Benue people today.

Sen. Akume extended his appreciation to the people of the state for having
faith in the APC. He stated that the people of Benue are currently
impoverished, unhappy, sick, and abandoned. He gave the members of the party
his word that the APC will bring power back to the state and wipe out their
tears in the process.

Sen. Akume warned the members of the party that there would be terrible
repercussions if the primary elections are not properly managed, and he asked
the members of the party to take the primary elections very seriously.

In continuation of his remarks, the Minister of Special Duties and
Inter-Governmental Affairs stressed that he harbors no ill will against any
individual. On the other hand, he cautioned members of the party to exercise
extreme caution around those individuals who claim they would buy votes.

He emphasized that he would give the people the opportunity to put up the
candidates of their choice for the positions. “We are turning it back over
to you; the choice is yours.” I’ve chosen to push it to you since you’ve been
hitting me hard, “he stated.

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